What you'll Learn

  • Complete Understanding on Integration Concepts.
  • Understand Concepts like XML, HTTP, Webservice, SOA and many others.
  • Understand the SAP PO Architecture and Tools.
  • Build Interface with SAP PO Tool.
  • Introduction to SAP Process Orchestration and Process Integration.
  • Understand the difference between PI and PO.
  • AEX, NW BPM and NW BRM Introduction.
  • Learn all the PO tool in detail.
  • Complete Hands-on SLD, ESB, IR.
  • Learn the testing tools like SOAPUI and PIMON.
  • Complete Interface development from one FTP Location to another.
  • Learn to Build Interface with File, FTP, JDBC, SOAP, JDBC, HTTP_AAE, MAIL, IDOC_AAE, RFC, and REST.
  • You will learn to Build Interface Scenarios with SAP PO Tool.
  • End to End Interface Development with Standard Adapters.
  • Complete Development of Webservice and API with Eclipse and Jersey Libraries.
  • Learn to use all the Standard Adapter and Build Interface.
  • Complete Hands-on on the Mapping, Configuration and Testing of the Interface.
  • Learn to build Interface with Different Scenarios and Data.
  • Learn Testing tools like SOAPUI, POSTMAN and WE19.
  • Learn How to Build AS2 to IDOC Interface.
  • Build File to IDOC using EDI 850 4010 Scenario.
  • Build Interface with IDOC to AS2 Adapter.
  • Learn how to handle ANSI X12 4010 transaction - Split EDI Message, Convert EDI to XML and XML to EDI.
  • Complete Hands-on on the Mapping, Configuration and Testing of the AS2 Interface.
  • Configure EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement.
  • Configure and Use MEC AS2 Testing Tool.
  • Work with NRO Variable and Use it from Message Mapping.
  • How to map ORDERS to EDI 850 4010 and vice versa.
  • Understand JSON Structure in details and rules of JSON Format.
  • Learn how REST works and how to configure it using SAP PO REST Adapter.
  • What is the advantage of API over the Webservice.
  • Complete walk-thru of REST Adapter Configuration with different examples.
  • Design Guidelines of REST API.
  • How to Properly Install JDK.
  • Download, Install and Configure Eclipse Tool on your machine.
  • How to work with Eclipse Tool.
  • Write, Compile and Run Java Mapping using Eclipse Tool.
  • Right way to upload Java Mapping in ESR.
  • Test Java Mapping in Eclipse Tool and Operation Mapping.
  • 10 Java Mapping Program for every Interface Scenario.
  • Download, Install and Configure J2EE Eclipse Tool on your machine.
  • How to work with Eclipse Tool.
  • Write, Compile and Run Java Mapping using Eclipse Tool.
  • Configure PO Server with Eclipse.
  • Right way to Deploy Adapter Module from Eclipse to PO Server.
  • Test Adapter Module End to End from Interface.
  • 8 Adapter Module Program for commonly used Integration Scenario.
  • Build your own applications using SAP Cloud Platform.
  • Understand new terms around Digital Transformation & Cloud Computing.
  • Complete understand what is Cloud Computing means.
  • How to get access to SAP Cloud Platform.
  • Configure Eclipse with SAP SDK to Write & Deploy your applications.
  • Understand the SAP Cloud Offerings.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Architecture.
  • Cloud Foundry vs SAP Neo.
  • Write Java Web Application using Eclipse and Deploy on SCP.
  • Write HTML5 using Web IDE and Deploy on SCP.
  • You will learn the overview of SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI).
  • Understand different types of SAP Cloud Services.
  • Types of Adapters in SAP CPI.
  • Difference Between SAP CPI vs SAP PO.



Certified in ESR, ID & PIMON Tool. You will be able to work with SAP PO Tools & Monitoring.

Mapping Expert

Certified in Developing Graphical Mapping, Java Mapping and Adapter Module in SAP PO.

Interface Expert

Certified in Development of Interface Development using Standard Adapters.

EDI AS2 Expert

Certified in Developing Interface with EDI AS2 Adapter in SAP PO.


Certified in Development of REST based API and Consuming with SAP PO.

Basics of SAP Cloud & CPI

Good Understanding of SAP Cloud Offering and SAP Cloud Integration Platform.


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Who Can Benefit From SAP PO Course?

  • If you want to build your Career as SAP Integration Consultant.
  • If you want to learn SAP Process Orchestration Integration Tool.
  • If you have previous integration background and want to learn a new Integration tool in SAP.
  • Anyone one who wants to move from ABAP to PO.
  • If you like to learn a skill and get a job then you start learning SAP PO from scratch.


Learn How to Build Interface with Step by Step Real Time Scenario.

Go in Immensely Deep inside One Topic and Build Interface to Understand its Feature.

You will be learning How to Build Lots of Interface using all Adapters provided by SAP.

Add these Skills to Your Resume

  • Hands on experience creating Enterprise Services Repository (ESR) objects like Data Types, Message Types, Message Mappings (Graphical and Java) and UDF’s..
  • Hands on experience on Runtime Workbench (Message Monitoring, End to End Monitoring, Alert Configurations, Cache Monitoring).
  • Developed A2A and B2B end-to-end process integration in a heterogeneous environment with SAP and non-SAP Systems using SAP PO.
  • Have a very good knowledge to find monitoring in Runtime Workbench.
  • Expert in configuring IDOC's ABAP/ECC end.
  • Experience in SAP B2B Add-ons, TPM Set-up, transport and EDI configuration.
  • Extensive experience in developing and interfacing with SAP and non-SAP systems using SAP standard interfacing technologies like IDoc, Web Services, ABAP Proxy, XML, SAP PI technical
  • adapters like IDoc, FILE, RFC, JDBC, SOAP, SFTP, Proxy, AS2 and EDI Separator.
  • Extensive experience in PI and PO components such as most of A2A and B2B adapters, System
  • Landscape Directory, Runtime Workbench monitoring tools (RWB) and alert configuration.
  • Build Adapter Module and read Data and Change Message Header at Channel Level.
  • Develop EDI Interface with AS2 Adapter using 850 ANSI X12 and 997 Receipt Ack.
  • Extensive Knowledge on developing REST API in SAP PO.
  • Experience in Working with Tools like POSTMAN, MEC AS2, FileZilla, NWDS and Eclipse.

Demo Video 1 - What is SAP Process Orchestration?

Demo Video 2 - File to File Scenario Development

Demo Video 3 - What is SAP Netweaver

Demo Video 4 - SAP PI vs SAP PO

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