This is one of the detailed course that is designed to cover all the aspects of Interface Development with SAP PI / SAP PO tool that can help you learn a skill and build your career in Integration space.

What SAP PI / SAP PO Adapters are covered?

You will learn Interface Development for following Adapters:

  • RFC
  • FILE
  • FTP
  • REST
  • JDBC
  • MAIL

What Interface Scenarios are covered?

This course covers the following Interface Scenarios:

  • File with File Content Conversion
  • File with Availability Time Planning (ATP)
  • File Adapter Scheduling
  • JDBC to JDBC Scenario
  • Synchronous Interface with HTTP_AAE Adapter
  • Webservices with SOAP (Publish in Service Registry, Generate WSDL)
  • Token Authentication with REST
  • ECC to PO Connection
  • Order Scenario with IDOC
  • Lookup with RFC
  • Send email with Mail Adapter

What will your learn in this course?

This course will prepare you to:

  • Build End to End Interface with SAP PO / SAP PI Process Integration Tool.
  • How to do Client Transport from ESR and ID.
  • Learn How to use the Standard Adapter and Build Interface.
  • How to Monitor your Interface via PIMON tool.
  • How to┬áTest your Interface with tools like RWB, SOAPUI and PostMan
  • Build Interface with Configuration┬áScenarios.

What Topics are covered in this Course?

  • End to End Development of Interface.
  • Integration Scenarios.
  • Standard Adapter Configuration.
  • Mapping Techniques with RFC Lookup.
  • Testing of the Interface with RWB, SOAPUI and Postman
  • Monitoring of Interface with PIMon.

Course based on:

  • SAP PO 7.5


  • Download Interface Code (TPZ)
  • Source Code
  • Supported Structures of XSD

All the hands-on training is shown on the Live PO 7.5 system so that you can do it yourself later.